ffd.or.id | Homepage

Homepage element consist various elements, started with an image that represent the contents, followed by a thorough sneak peek towards all targeted contents provided in the website. A sneak peek enable the user to easily noticed and help them to choose which contents they wanna see.

A mega menu also provided and categorised since the website offers dozen pages with specific purposes in some of them.


As a film festival, there are lots of content offered to the audiences, with the films become the star. As a star, the films also have a role to be a connector in some other contents, either it’s program note, discussion events, or even the festival schedules. Festival schedule itself became one thing that really matters above all else for the audience. On the other hand, the press also have specific needs that needs to be taken care of. They want an easy access to every contents they need to create news and stories.

With all of that in mind, custom templates were made for the films and the news in order to help audience focus to the film content they wanna read. While the rest  contents were developed from the ground up to adapt its purposes and targeted users.


As a film festival who targetting youth audience and emerging filmmakers, ffd.or.id offers vibrant looks and highest fluidity even with such complex contents.

Client: Festival Film Dokumenter
Website: ffd.or.id
Date: November 30, 2017
Services: Brand, Events, Company, Archives
Features: Speed, Analytics, Multiple Custom-Built Content, Custom Calendar, Security, CDN, SEO, Continuous Maintenance