CTRS | Homepage

Homepage element consist solely one element, which is a full contained slider. The purpose here is to introduce the artist works itself, by showing his art projects. The powerful images were curated to create fast impression on to the artist’s style of art.


An artist’s portfolios are the artworks. A productive artist not just create more pieces of art, but also learn from it. Therefore, the journey of an artist became so much important. That’s why a well-presented portfolio’s page aren’t just showing an artworks, but transform it in order to make the visitors are able to follow the artist’s art journey. That’s why this website compiled all the artworks beneath the correspond exhibitions that sorted by year.

Grid artworks layout on each exhibitions tab were made so does every visitors are easy to take a glimpse to all of it, but if any of them tends to explore one by one, a distinctive lightbox are prepared to spoil visitor’s eyes.


tanahruncuk.org reflects what seen on a historical museum, archive and library.

Client: Timoteus Anggawan Kusno
Date: October 10, 2017
Services: Product
Features: Speed, Analytics, Custom-Built Gallery, Custom-Built Articles, Security